• Pernod Ricard employees to join forces to enhance a biofarm in Stupava

    Pernod Ricard's company policy has been associated from the get-go with social responsibility, so no wonder, it is globally joining the Responsib’ALLDay events for the 8th time in a row. Just like every year, the employees of all 85 branches from all around the world have been engaged in more than 100 projects to show their commitment and support for the public good. The Pernod Ricard Slovakia employees have picked the Biofarm Príroda in Stupava
  • The Junior Bartender Challenge has repeatedly confirmed that a new generation of proficient bartenders is fast growing

    A program with special focus on education as well as competition for vocational school students and students of vocational schools of tourism and hotel management named Junior Bartender Challange has definitely enriched the youngest bartenders. Apart from the jury having picked the best one, they had the chance to pick up a few tricks of the trade again from the most qualified professionals in the industry. And not merely them - their teachers h
  • Slovaks have made an impression in the Absolut Invite finale with some fluid velvet

    Slovaks have managed to leave a long-lasting impression on the judges of the Absolut Invite The Team Edition bartenders' competition with an absolutely original drink called Take it easy. It's a drink that in their own words brings to mind fluid velvet, is going to be introduced to the whole world in the finale of the bartender teams competition in Sweden by its creators, Peter Marcina and Miroslav Telehanič from the Sky Bar in Bratislava in June
  • Eco-friendly toothbrushes will represent Slovakia in the world

    The manufacturing of toothbrushes made from wood has not been associated with the brains behind the Project Ecoheart from the get-go. Doing business was the original drive with part of the profit being donated to charity. Only later did this idea develop into something that helped people motivate to help each other and share a smile. Their story is here to inspire others from abroad and they are here to convince the international jury how excepti
  • VIDEO: Employees got naked in an ad making a statement – We‘ve got nothing to hide

    In its new campaign the Absolut brand is going all out to prove that it’s not a wolf in sheep’s clothing quite literally with the tagline „The vodka with nothing to hide“. 28 staffers appearing in the video suit refer to transparency in all walks of their business.

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