2018 16.3.

Eco-friendly toothbrushes will represent Slovakia in the world

As early as in May in Amsterdam will the global finale of the competition Chivas VENTURE be held, where the winners of all local rounds will have the chance to present the success stories of their business projects with social influence. However the winner of the Slovak round last December became Dušan Baranec with his […]

2018 13.2.

VIDEO: Employees got naked in an ad making a statement – We‘ve got nothing to hide

The Absolut employees got buck naked to show the whole world that not only has the brand got nothing to hide, but right on the contrary, has it got something to pride itself on and inspire others. It is all about the unique processing of the Swedish vodka performed in a way that meets the highest […]

2018 2.1.

Slovaks have invented a one-of-a-kind software that teaches handicapped kids to read

Difficulty with learning to read may be associated with various diagnoses such as dysphasia, dyslexia or autism, as well as common abnormalities. The Visual Reading software is the brainchild of a team of skilled Slovaks under the supervision of Dušan Baranec. It is essentially an educational application to assist the process of learning to read. […]

2017 15.12.

Chivas Regal to repeatedly become the partner of the Enterpreneur of the Year Awards

The Enterpreneur of the Year in Slovakia Awards is organized in an effort to appreciate the best enterpeneurs, the ones who conduct honest and responsible business without being overly selfish. The idea of socially responsible enterpreneurship is not what the partner of the awards Chivas Regal considers a one-time thing, either. As early as the […]

2017 15.12.

The Jameson Bartenders Ball competition is here to unite, not divide. And this year was no exception either…

A band of young bartenders gathered on 20th September in KC Dunaj, in Bratislava in an effort to put their bartending skills to the test and bond a little more. And that’s the very essence of the Jameson Bartenders Ball which needs no introduction in the bartender community. This year, just like in the previous ones, […]

2017 15.12.

Ararat again in L+S

The new fall season will provide art as well as exceptional brandy lovers with a unique experience once again they certainly don’t want to miss. Ararat, the legendary Armenian brandy has long been associated with the support of art and extraordinary talents. Not only does it apply to its birthplace, Armenia, but also to other […]

2017 15.12.


As of the 4th September all entrepreneurs ready to help the society as a whole with the business they conduct, are welcome to register in theChivas VENTURE competition by sending their application. The fact of how long they have been engaged in business or the nature of their business, is not relevant. Start-ups as well as well-established companies […]

2017 8.8.

Becherovka in the “millionaires” club

A shot of Becherovka is an inevitable part of every celebration, whether it is with your family or friends. Slovaks have been enjoying it neat, ice cold or as an ingredient in cocktails since time immemorial. Despite the 210-year-old tradition Becherovka looks back on, it prides itself on having all the attributes of a modern […]

2017 14.7.

All hail the Queen! A Slovak bartendress as the world’s No.1 in the Jameson Irish whiskey competition!

The winner of this year’s Jameson Barrelmen”s Homecoming Feast has become a Slovak bartendress. At the end of June 2017 the world of bartenders learnt some great news – the first prize at the global finale of this highly prestigious competition went to a young Slovak bartendress, Barbora Tapušíková who has been working as a […]

2017 15.6.

No doubt that Beton is going to be a summer hit. For the 50th time in a row.

The refreshing Beton on the rocks is just as tasty as it has ever been for the last 50 years. This summer though, we are going to be able to enjoy it just a little different. The grand opening of the Becher´s Beton Bar will make it possible introducing 5 specials with tastes out of […]

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