Pacto Navio

Pacto Navio

It is an exclusive Cuban rum that has a fascinating and adventurous history. Written by the raging Caribbean sun and underneath the ripening sugar cane, the delicacy and sweetness of the French vineyards, as well as the ingenuity and enthusiasm of sailors and merchants who sail in colonization between the Old and the New World.

It is sure to attract the experts of the selection rums to the first meeting - with its elegant screaming color, it smells with a sweet smell and surprisingly rich, spicy, but also delicate taste and velvet creamyness. Punc gives him the daring idea of letting sugar cane spirits get engaged with the legendary, sweet, sweet French wine Sauternes. How can such a connection ever arise? The top Maestros Roneros let the next exclusive rum ripen in the jars right after Sauternes, and this Cuban-French touch generates the irresistible, original and rich Pacto Navio. Elegant beverage with mahogany notes and amber sparkle will look at the flavors of dried fruit, flowers, vanilla. In its full yet delicate flavor, you will meet the touch of cinnamon, honey, nuts and spices, ending in dried fruit and fresh citruses. It is honest in accordance with the best Cuban traditions, for its unique, seductive, semi-sweet taste it does not need any sugars or other sweeteners.

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