Jameson at Grape for the fourth time

Jameson, a traditional partner of the GRAPE festival which has been a guarantee of great time at the Piešťany Airfield for the 9th time, is also present with its specially created zone. This year has been organized in spa atmosphere with pretty much everything that goes with it – bathrobes, hair turbans and cucumbers on eyes.

The mission of our Irish whiskey was obvious – making every single GRAPE visitor dive deep into the eňo ňuňo (excellent) feeling. That mission was accomplished in our zone not merely by the trending drink Jameson Ginger & Lime, but also the services and events available. For a given number of consumed drinks, they could visit a barbershop, a tattoo parlor, get a basket of popcorn or theme specific merchandise such as bathrobes, slippers, eye masks, waist packs and backpacks just to name a few.

A special drink called pickleback shot was available in the zone all along as a way to contribute to this year‘s specific atmosphere. Jameson did definitely pulled out all the stops to make Saturday night a complete surprise with a stunning 3D visual show of the cucumber story and a Hafner&Beyuz concert appreciated by all avid fans.

Trust us, you don‘t want to miss out on this year‘s GRAPE, come and have a blast with Jameson celebrating the 10th year of the festival!