Great people, great brands

“Are you interested in a job in which you’ll be able to develop professionally as well as personally? Are you energetic, positive and want to work in a dynamic environment? Send us your resume!”

  • We advertise all openings on our websites, public job portals and the social networking site LinkedIn.
  • You can subscribe to the selection procedure through any of these platforms.


  • If we find your resume intriguing, we will invite you to a personal meeting. It takes the form of an interview with a future supervisor and a representative of the HR department.
  • We’re interested in knowing your work experience and education, and especially your personality. We’re looking for candidates who are proactive and willing to learn new things.
  • Our corporate culture is based on friendliness, entrepreneurial spirit and a proactive approach. Show us that you’re the same and that you fit on our team.

  • Successful candidates are invited to a second round – to the day assessment center, intended to test their skills and motivation.
  • Through individual and group tasks, which act as scenarios, we try to detect your verbal, analytical and numerical skills. We also try to recognize your preferred team roles. Our goal is to spend some time with you and get to know you better than during a traditional interview.
  • You don’t have to worry at all about the assessment center. The whole thing is designed to be a pleasant and beneficial experience for you. As a thank you for the energy and time spent at the assessment center, we offer all of our successful and unsuccessful candidates feedback, including the results of the personality questionnaires.


  • If you succeed in the assessment center, you’ll reach the third, last round of the selection process: an interview with the director of the department to which you’re applying.
  • In the event that you successfully pass this round, the selection procedure is at the end and we’ll send a formal offer of employment (i.e. job offer).