Corporate social responsibility

Social responsibility is one of the main areas of corporate strategy for Pernod Ricard Slovakia. We have focused mainly on raising awareness among our customers and consumers, environmental protection and social development, cultural and social life in the areas where we operate.platform-sk_compressed

Responsible consumption

Pernod Ricard Slovakia is a member of an association of manufacturers, distributors and importers of the alcoholic beverages Fórum PSR Slovensko, which by the means of the platform “Drink Sensibly” implements a number of projects aimed at reducing the negative impacts of alcohol abuse (e.g. prevention of driving under the influence of alcohol, raising awareness about the dangers of alcohol during pregnancy, awareness among adolescents and their parents etc.).

As a member of the association Fórum PSR Slovensko we are a signatory of the code of ethics that imposes on the manufacturers and distributors of alcohol stricter ethical rules of business than the current Slovak legislation. Above and beyond our duties, for example, we have placed a warning for pregnant women on the back labels of our brands. One of the activities that we are implementing to promote the responsible consumption of alcohol is the Responsible Parties project. The role of the project taking place in music clubs and discos is to inform young people and students about the principles of responsible drinking. Another regular activity is our Responsib’All Day, a day dedicated to educating and training employees. It is held on the same day in all the subsidiaries of Pernod Ricard and its program is aimed at prevention and self-regulation.responsiballday_compressed

Wise Drinking Mobile Phone Application

In 2014, the Pernod Ricard Group developed a mobile app called “Wise Drinking”. With it, consumers can easily assess the consumption of alcoholic beverages. The only thing they need to do is to enter the following data into the application:

  • types of alcoholic beverages (beer, wine, hard liquor)
  • the amount of alcohol consumed
  • weight, age and sex

Thanks to the positioning system the application evaluates the data according to local laws and advises the consumer, for example, on a suitable vehicle. Alcohol consumption also allows long-term recording and analyzing (up to four weeks).

The “Wise Drinking” application for iOS and Android is available in 37 languages, including Slovak and Czech. You can download it for free at:

The Integrated Management System (IMS)

Our company produces and markets products and services of the highest quality, while preserving the traditions of Pernod Ricard. We do care about the health and safety of our employees, the safety of our products, as well as a friendly approach to the environment.

Environmental Protection

We constantly make sure that our activities cause few problems for the environment. The entire company has been certified since 2008 according to international standard ISO 14001: 2004 – Environmental Management System. International standards are also observed in the field of quality management, work safety and product safety.

To protect the environment, we focus primarily on:

The sorting of waste and waste prevention

 In our manufacturing plants we have established a comprehensive system of waste separation and every year we recycle the vast majority of generated waste. An equally ingenious system is applied in our offices, too.

Air and water

We focus on minimizing energy consumption, leading to direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions. Every year we set specific targets for reducing energy consumption and according to the investment plan we support projects under the plan. In our operational facilities we introduced a modern way of purification that ensures minimum water consumption, and thus the minimum production of waste water.

Emergency preparedness in handling chemicals

During production some employees of Pernod Ricard handle First and Second Class combustibles, which may cause damage to the environment in case of leakage. Therefore there are security systems installed in all parts of the production plants – the detection of alcohol vapors, fire and explosion-proof equipment and the like. These, in the case of the leakage of chemicals, ensure that the environment is not endangered in any way. The system is regularly assessed and evaluated.

The use of environmentally-friendly packaging materials

When designing the packaging of our products, we pay attention to the choice of materials, which are easily recyclable. We use easily recyclable glass bottles and gift packaging made of only one material. The return of packaging our company places on the market or puts into circulation is conducted in accordance with Act. 477/2001 Coll. on packaging. The whole process is taken care of by an authorized packaging company.

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