All true is here to stay

The prominent Scotch is coming out with a new campaign which is just as real as the emotions it evokes.

The prominent Scotch is coming out with a new campaign which is just as real as the emotions it evokes.

At Ballantine´s we firmly believe that only those, being able to think outside the box seizing the moment and standing out of the crowd are the ones that live life to the fullest. They are not trying to act like somebody else and not hiding behind anyone. They act exactly the way they feel like being. Long story short, they’re real and authentic. Precisely on grounds of this notion have we conceived our new campaign

Compelling memories of our life are destined to last – obviously they are the ones we recall taking a stroll down memory lane. However, the emphasis is not on the intensity of joy they brought us. Mostly they are ephemeral, short-lived episodes we craved so much some time in the past. Exactly the ones that shape us and result in whomever we appear to be at the very moment.

The cornerstone of the new campaign „True taste lasts longer“and the communication concept that follows is the TV spot focusing on emphasizing and experiencing the force of moments in our life. The tagline and gist of the campaign „True taste lasts longer“perfectly complements the sentiment of the whole campaign intended to be supplemented with activities in digital content at Pernod Ricard Slovakia. Simultaneously we are in search of everything that may be tagged real and authentic.

Get an idea on Facebook what fans of Scotch would like to enjoy longer – whether it’s impressions, experiences, love or a night spent with your buddies. To truly stand out of the crowd and making it special look for the hashtag  #zostansamsebou, along with its English equivalent #staytrue.

Check out the all new Ballantine´s spot on:

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