Absolut Vodka was introduced in its present form in 1979, but its origin dates back to 1879. Today it is the second best-selling brand among premium vodkas in the world and globally the fourth largest brand among premium spirits.

The raw ingredient for Absolut Vodka is winter wheat from the south of Sweden, from which Absolut Vodka is produced through the unique method of continuous distillation. This method was introduced in the 19th century by the king of vodkas Lars Olsson Smith. Absolut Vodka is distilled more than a hundred times and thereby its perfect clearness is ensured. Thanks to that it has earned its name – Absolut pure vodka.

In addition to pure Absolut vodka, you can also enjoy other variants produced by mixing Absolut vodka with natural flavors. No sugar is added to these. Currently you will find on offer a total of 9 flavors: mango, black currant, mandarin, lemon, chili, grapefruit, pear, vanilla and raspberry. The portfolio of Absolut vodka is complemented with ABSOLUT 100, the only one containing 50% alcohol (the others have 40%) and sold in black bottles.

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