The Becherovka dream job has been filled

Meet Mr. Marek Polomský who has become the very first brand ambassador of Becherovka, one of the most popular liqueur brands in Slovakia which definitely does not have to be introduced to anyone.

Meet Mr. Marek Polomský who has become the very first brand ambassador of Becherovka, one of the most popular liqueur brands in Slovakia which definitely does not have to be introduced to anyone. The brand itself, however requires constant marketing development. And that is exactly one of the agendas in the job description of the first official brand ambassador in Slovakia that Pernod Ricard, Becherovka’s distributor was in search of for a while. His position is primarily focusing on the consumer aspect of the brand, however the on-trade market is also on the table.  

 The Becherovka Brand Ambassador position may appear to be a dream job to young people since the job description mostly includes traveling, monitoring the social media, creative realization of marketing campaigns, getting in touch with people at inspiring events and in general having a blast with Becherovka. The ideal candidate, however could not become just about anyone – he/she was supposed to be a down-to-earth, creative person atop of the latest trends, definitely not afraid of new challenges, who would hit the ground running. The ideal candidate therefore had to pass a tough, several-round interview process intended to test all his/her skills. Apart from the resume, all candidates were requested to attach a 2-minute introduction video explaining why exactly he/she would be the right applicant for the position of the first Becherovka Brand Ambassador. Personal interviews followed fast with all the shortlisted candidates and only the best ones made it to the Assessment Centre. Even in the early stages, Marek was head and shoulders above the rest and turned out to be an „A“ player. The two best shortlisted applicants made it to the final round and based on the results provided by the Assessment Centre Marek got picked as the very first official Becherovka Brand Ambassador.

„The conception of the Becherovka Brand Ambassador was inspired by Jan Becher’s story, the creator of the legendary green Becherovka bottle who was courageous enough to make his dreams come true. His success was driven by his ambition to find inspiration and inspire others at the same time which contributed to the creating of something truly remarkable. And that is exactly the person we have been looking for to continue unabatedly in the rejuvenating strategy of the brand and bonding more intensively with our consumers,“ Zuzana Benková, the Brand Manager clarified and added,“ I am absolutely confident that the new Becherovka Brand Ambassador is going to do his job just as passionately and inspiringly as  Ján Becher.                                                                                                                              

Marek Polomský is an alumnus of the Faculty of Arts, Matej Bel University in Banská Bystrica. He is 25 years old with extensive anchorman and marketing experience under his belt. On top of that, he is the creator of the motivational and inspiring talkshow ´Povec ty´, which turned out to be his passion, too. In his own words on getting this prestigious position: I learnt about the Becherovka Ambassador job offer from my friend who was kind enough to send it to me. The moment I set eyes on the requirements and the layout of the job offer in general, I knew immediately it was my way.  I feel honored and I fully realize the responsibility that comes with the position because I am going to be the very first brand ambassador for a big and prestigious brand in Slovakia. Becherovka has always been close to my heart, but right now I‘m starting to get the hang of it, I love it – it’s a fantastic spirit and a unique love brand. What’s not to love about it?”

Marek’s primary focus in his new position is consumer as well as on-trade related; however engagement in marketing campaigns and events of this well-known brand is still part of the job description.