The whole new Chivas Regal Extra

Life is to be tasted each and every day – a long standing truth fully understood by those who know what life is really about.

The whole new Chivas Regal Extra

A whisky taken to an extra high level

 Life is to be tasted each and every day – a long standing truth fully understood by those who know what life is really about. Magic moments happen all the time and it’s only up to us how we make the most of them and whether we make them worth taking a trip down memory lane later. Extra experiences as well as extra tastes count equally. That’s exactly what we have in mind when introducing the brand new scotch Chivas Regal – Extra.                                      

It took Chivas Regal roughly ten years to come out with another specialty. The whole new Chivas Regal Extra is built on tradition established by James and John Chivas, the founders of the brand and visionaries in the world of whiskies. This fine beverage takes this luxury scotch to a whole new level. Master blender of Chivas Regal Colin Scott kept his nose to the grindstone to conceive a unique blend of complete and abounding taste to be enjoyed by everyone who craves to aim higher in life.

The remarkably rich and meticulously conceived Chivas Regal Extra is a blend of particularly special selection of the highest quality malt whisky having been aged in barrels that previously housed sherry from the Oloroso region in Spain. As a result an exceptional whisky of dark color with an ambery reflection in combination with an irresistible taste came to life. The fruity flavor is dominated by ripe pears, watermelon, caramel, milk chocolate and cinnamon with a soft hint of ginger.

Just like the flavor, the taste borders on the sweet reminiscent mostly of ripe pears paired with a tropical climax of watermelon, vanilla, caramel and almonds. The finish is a traditional long touch. The quality of this delicate beverage was already appreciated last year in San Francisco when it was awarded the gold medal in the category of blended whiskies aged longer than 15 years. The first prize of the competition organized by the renowned magazine The Spirits Business in the category of The Scotch Whisky Masters 2015 went to Chivas Regal – Extra as well.

„Introducing extraordinary taste and flavor to the world of whiskies that are capable of pausing time and turning even the most ordinary moment into an unimaginably amazing one was our very intention, added Colin Scott, the brain behind Chivas Regal Extra.  „The aging process in barrels previously used for sherry makes our whisky rich and complete in flavor and taste to be empowered by the very best our cellars can provide, a unique malt of various vintage years as the  icing on the cake. And that’s the story behind the whisky intended to be consumed by those who expect more from life. To follow in that line of thought let’s expect more from ourselves, life and a glass of whisky. “