Meet the latest arrival in the Pernod Ricard Slovakia portfolio: PACTO NAVIO, an exquisite Cuban rum

Best things in life are believed to be discovered by coincidence. The exclusive Cuban rum is a nice complement on the Slovak market whose birth had been precipitated by an unexpected, yet pleasant event that happened more than 200 years ago. So in Slovakia, we can definitely look forward to the latest arrival in the world of top-shelf spirits that boasts a gripping and adventurous history.

Mariners of the Caribbean – a sun-tanned paradise and the perfect hotbed of sugar cane – struck a magnificent idea of filling their empty wine barrels with some honest-produced Cuban rum and set off for the long voyage home. That is when the dedicated Rum Angels worked their magic and the barrels soaked with the essence of French wine almost magically intertwined with the rum during the exhausting 3-month long journey home. On top of that, the rum managed to age enough and sufficiently into an exquisite aroma and taste. Eventually the mariners set anchors in Europe with a new, delightful drink that symbolically combined the fiery hot, full-bodied character of the Caribbean with the sophisticated sweetness and silky smoothness of France. And that is how an unparalleled, authentic Cuban rum, the Pacto Navio was born all of a sudden.

Pacto Navio has been a proud embodiment of the Cuban-European heritage up to this day. Only the very best has been carried over for the last 200 years from its pioneers and it is still being authentically produced based upon the best Cuban traditions. Due to its unprecedented and seducing semi-sweet aroma, it requires no sugar or artificial sweeteners. The exceptional character is further highlighted by the fact that the final product is a result of ten 10 or 12-year-old rum bases all of whom originate from the same distillery, though.

The first impression says it all – an elegant spirit with a hint of mahogany and amber sparks that mesmerizes with the aroma of dried fruits, floral tones and vanilla. Its full-bodied and simultaneously delicate taste is a preface to a cinnamony, honey-like, nutty and spicy touch all of whom dry down in dried fruits and fresh citrusy flowers. Pacto Navio boasts a delicate, creamy structure and a soft finish on the palate that is going to entertain you for a long time with stories of old mariners whom the Rum Gods provided with the ability to join the very best French vineyards and Cuban plantations had to offer.

We are absolutely confident that this remarkable drink exclusively supplied on the Slovak market to stores, bars and cafes by Pernod Ricard Slovakia, is going to appeal to both ladies and gentleman equally, is going to be appreciated by the most skilled palate of the creme-de-la-creme as well as some first-time adventurers. You definitely do not want to miss out on the latest arrival from exotic Cuba-an unadulterated and delicate rum, the Pacto Navio!

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