Responsible drinking: Pernod Ricard innovates and reveals The Smart Barometer This initiative illustrates its support for United Nations SDG n°3: “Good Health and Well-being”

Pernod Ricard today reveals The Smart Barometer website (, an innovative digital tool designed to share Pernod Ricard’s contribution to the five industry commitments in relation to Responsible Drinking with as many stakeholders as possible and in complete transparency. More generally, this new site has set itself the goal of educating stakeholders in relation to a sense of responsibility, a fundamental part of its corporate culture.

 Ambitious commitments

 Since 2013, Pernod Ricard has, along with the other leading players in the wine, beer and spirits industry, committed to a programme aimed at preventing excessive and inappropriate drinking.

 As a result of this agreement, five commitments have been made and a comprehensive implementation programme was defined over a period of five years.

·  Reducing underage drinking

·  Strengthening and expanding marketing best practices

·  Providing consumer information and develop responsible product innovation

·  Fighting against drinking and driving

·  Enlist the support of retailers.

Each action is accompanied by Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that are monitored at local, regional and global level. The Smart Barometer site enables the real-time assessment of the contribution of the Group’s affiliates to each of the sections in this plan, and presents in detail numerous initiatives being conducted around the world, as well as supporting photos, videos and graphics.

“We all share a common vision: there is no enjoyment to be found in excessive drinking. Every Group employee plays a role of ambassador of these commitments. Thanks to the Smart Barometer, a first in the industry, everyone can now monitor on an ongoing basis the progress made both collectively and individually,” said Alexandre Ricard, Chairman and CEO of Pernod Ricard.

 Clear and detailed sections bringing together the Group’s initiatives

 > The ‘Scores’ section enables users to track the progress made in relation to each commitment at global, regional and national level. As concrete steps are implemented, the KPIs expressed as percentages progress. The progress made is checked and validated, firstly at Regional and then at Headquarters level.

 > The ‘Initiatives’ section details tangible projects completed around the world and categorised per commitment, among which:

 – the preventative campaign called ‘No Ikki’ (no binge drinking) launched in Japan aimed at preventing excessive alcohol consumption by minors and young adults (since 2014).

 – the initiative by Pernod Ricard Brazil regarding the risks related to drinking during pregnancy, echoing the Sao Paulo Paediatric Society’s campaign during the 2015 carnival.

 The Smart Barometer, a smart ‘tool’ available to all

 By transforming actions into measurable statistics, the Smart Barometer is far more than a mere progress report. The barometer thus becomes smart: thanks to the sharing of best practices, it is now not only a source of inspiration but also a call to action for all the Group’s affiliates.

 For further information, please visit

 Find out more about the five industry commitments:

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